• Can laser technology replace other plastic surgery operation?

As laser technology and knowledge about hair follicles are improving ,laser depilation is getting better and better.laser technique has bridged several surgical techniques,it hasn’t replaced them.It mainly concerns colour defects in melanin,hemoglobin of hemangiomata,Tattoo colour etc.

  • Can botox replace facelift?

No.Botox can soften wrinkles by making the muscle stop moving.It cannot correct looseness
And skin dropping This can only be corrected by using a lancer.

  • Local or general anaeshetic during the operation?

When problem area is small we can use local anaesthetic.Otherwise we can use general Anaesthetic.

  • Is using general anaesthetic dangerous?

Before the operation, there is a detailed preoperative check to find out if the patient is safe under general unaesthetic.If there is something wrong ,the operation is put off until the patient recovers.