After the burn healing there is a scar. At first , a normal scar is red and harsh and turns out to be soft and skin coloured after a few months. Some scars, such as hypertrophied scars and keloid ,are considered to be pathologic . This happens due to the shape of the scar, the quality of the skin and the age.
Pathologic scars (posttraumatic, postburn or postoperative) can create serious aesthetic and functional problems which plastic surgery treats with conservative and operative methods.

Face scar restoration can have the best results because the skin is more elastic, there is a better hematosis and there is a layer of muscles which move and make expression wrinkles . That’s where the plastic surgeon puts the scar during the restorative operation.

Face scar restoration is an extremely time consuming process. Both the patient and the doctor should treat the marks on the face with subtility and patience.

Then , we have to scrape the skin(the number of sessions can vary) in order to have a better result.

When the plastic surgeon finishes his work , the marks “disappear “ as time goes by.