A serious skin and mycoderma injury caused by exposure to heat or chemicals or radiation.The culture of a population does not affect the burn rate. Populations only differ in the causes of burns and the lack of health centers. In Greece thermal burns are more frequent 80% out of the whole. Based on the occupation, workers are first 50% ,civil servants are second 18% and farmers are third 14%.

Thermal burns
They are caused by “dry” or “wet “ heat when it contacts skin and mycoderma. Fire is the usual cause in adults , whereas in children the most usual cause is” scalding “with hot water or milk.

Chemical burns
They are caused when chemical substances affect tissue resulting in hemopixis of albumen and inactivation of cell functions . These substances are usually acids, bases, phosphated reactions and phenols.

Electricity burns
They are caused by the effect of electricity on human body. The injuries are caused by the electric power which produces a high temperature.

First aid
  • Take the patient away from what caused the burn.
  • Take off his/her clothes and if it is a chemical burn you have to clean it with affluent water to take away the chemical substance.
  • Check vital functions(mainly around the burn) and give an artificial respiration.
  • Take the patient to the nearest hospital.

In hospital the patient is given intravenous liquid ,anaelgesic and nutritious liquid.They also observe his /her vital spots.

Local treatment includes surgical methods so as to achieve a faster healing of the injured surfaces.