Eye lid surgery

The first reference to blepharoplasty was made in 1919 by the French doctor Passot,who published in a medical newspaper in France an article about the wrinkle correction technique.At that time many excellent doctors expressed their disapproval on the operation. Since then blepharoplasty has dominated and improved. It is regarded as an “elegant” operation since it only needs alocal unaesthetic ,it lasts for about two hours and has very impressive results.

INDICATIONS: Wrinkles around the eye lid area with “sacs” of fat and loose skin are the reasons for making the decision to have a blepharoplasty. Both men and women can have an operation if they wish to. People over 40 usually visit the plastic surgeon’s surgery.


Low blepharoplasty :The cutting is made along the eyelids in the shadow of the eye lashes and goes on to the corner of the eye. The plastic surgeon removes the fat out of the “sacs” and cuts the extra skin. The cutting soon disappears since the skin of this area can heal easily.

Upper bleparoplasty: The cutting is made along the upper eye lid a little higher than the eye lashes and the process is almost the same.

RESULTS: As in every operation ,the results are immediately impressive. In addition to the good appearance of the eye lid skin , the look seems to be brighter, more relaxed and therefore younger.

Eye lid surgery

Blepharoplasty: (low and upper eye lids) In the low eye lids we can easily see the “sacs” of fat. The postoperative result 20 days afer the operation.