Rhinoplasty/nose surgery

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery operations. And plastic surgeons’favourite due to its advantages compared to other plastic surgery operations(short operating duration,absence of external cuttings etc)

INDICATIONS:Rhinoplasty addresses particularly to young people whose face bone formation has been completed (over 17 or 18 years old without excluding ,of course ,older people)

We have to highlight that the aim of rhinopasty is to make The new shape of the nose compatible with the other face characteristics.We also take into consideration everyone’s Personality ,the way it reflects and forms the face. In order to define the changes in the shape of the nose It is useful to have some photographs before the operation Processed on the computer screen.

At this stage,the plastic surgeon and the patient will agree on the causes of the distortion and the doctor will give a detailed report of the operation process and The postoperative stage.

OPERATION:After having done all the necessary tests,a one –hour operation follows under general anaesthetic .There are no external cuts.The person stays at the clinic overnight.When the person leaves the clinic ,there is a plaster cast which is removed 8 days later.

RESULTS:We can clearly see the shape of the nose after the plaster removal.There is no swelling within a month.

Rhinoplasty is regarded as successful when noone realises that there has been a cosmetic plastic surgery operation despite the changes in the shape and size of the nose

Rhinoplasty/nose surgery

A 35 year old woman came to the surgery complaining about A curve in her nose.This is the operation result 15 days later.

Rhinoplasty/nose surgery

This is a picture of a 20 year old student.The main features of this nose are the height and the curve which make it look crooked.This is the operation result 10 days later.

Rhinoplasty/nose surgery

In this photo taken before the operation,we can notice that the height and the length of the nose are disproportionate to the other rather fine face features. This is the operation result after the plaster removal.

Rhinoplasty/nose surgery

In some cases the patient needs augmentative rhinoplarty.In case the size of the nose is disproportionate to the rest of the face,it is augmented by transplants(dermatoautoplasty or artificial transplants)The operation is performed under local anaesthetic and the cutting (about 1cm)i