In 1977 a new scientific method liposuction concerning the removal of fat concentration was introduced in the USA..This method is well-known all over the world for its results against fat concentration on the hips ,known as “rolls of fat”. Since then ,this method has been developed,technology has been improved , indications and side effects have been taken into consideration.

INDICATIONS:Choosing the right candidates for liposuction is the most important step to a good result.The ideal candidate (both man and woman)is of normal weight and has good quality skin covering the problem area.

During the first visit the plastic surgeon Listens to the patient’s problem and his idea of solving it and explains the process of liposuction.

Ooperation: Liposuction demands general anaesthetic and lasts about an hour.(a local anaesthetic can be used only on minor fat concentration problems.The cutting (about 1cm)disappears after a short period of time.After the operation the area is pressed by an elastic bandage.This reduces ecchymosis and swelling and keeps the skin in the right place.

RESULTS:Patients should know that swelling increases during the first post operative week giving the impression that the problem area has not changed much.Not very strenuous daily exercise is recommended.Patients are able to go to work in cases of minor operations.

40% of the result is apparent a month later,60% two weeks later,80% three months later and the final result nine or more months after the operation.


A case of fat concentration on the internal surface of the knee.The doctor marks the problem area with ink.We should keep mind that little fat is going to be removed.In the postoperative photograph fat has been removed and the internal line of the leg looks straight.In addition the whole leg seems to be thinner and longer.


Unattractive “rolls of fat “are removed with the method of Liposuction


In the postoperative photographs two months later the shape of the body is more attractive.

Liposuction process stops when skin looses its elasticity.If liposuction continues ,skin will” break” and will be full of “sags”.The amount of the removed fat depends on the quality of the skin.When skin is loose ,liposuction has to be lim