Male breast reduction /gynecomastya

Gynecomastia is the excessive development of the breasts in males.This means that we have a general or partial development of the mammary gland.The causes of this development can be

  • Normal e.g. gynecomastia during puberty goes away 1-2 years after its appearance.
  • Of medicinal origin e.g. taking some medicine such as estrogenic, androgen, digitalin etc
  • Endocrinological e.g. hyperthyroidism ,neoplastia of testes etc.

First of all we have to treat the causes of gynecomastia .However when it is difficult to do so(idiopathic gynecomastia) the patient can have an operation.

OPERATION:It lasts for about an hour ,under gereral anaesthetic.Before the operation we do the necessary laboratory tests which confirm that the patient can have the operation.The patient stays at the clinic for one night.The cutting is peripapillary by the halo.that’s why it is almost invisible.

RESULTS: After the stitches are removed (on the 8th postoperative day) the area is swollen. Swelling disappears slowly while the final result is obvious 6-8 months later.

Male breast reduction/ gynecomastia

A 12 year old boy with gyneocomastia.There has been a detailed endicrinological test to find out its causes .This kind of gynecomastia is considered to be “idiopathic” and the only way we can handle it is plastic surgery(the whole breast is removed).2 months later (a small cutting in the halo is almost invisible)