Breast reduction

Breast formation in women starts during puberty and is completed at the age of 19. Its size is defined byhormonic and hereditary factors.

Breast size ,although it is considered to make the woman look more attractive ,sometimes causes problems concerning Clothes,movement as well as serious health problems caused By the weight ,for example, backache ,necklace ,short breath etc

INDICATIONS:Every adult woman with big breast Can have an operation when she wishes .The reasons for making such a decision can be either attractive appearance(especially for young women) or health(for older women)

OPERATION:after the necessary laboratory tests a 2.5 hour operation follows under general anaeshetic.After the operation breast is covered with splenium and elastic bandage.Analgetic treatment is rarely needed.Patients stay at the clinic for one night and the next day ,they go home where they stay in bed for 1-2 days under observation.
Stitches are removed 10 days later (in the meantime frequent bandage changes are made)

RESULTS : The new breast size is apparent after the first bandage change..At this stage they look conic due to postoperative swelling.After a short period of time ,the shape becomes more natural.Halo and uber are a bit lower than usual.A couple of months later ,breast takes its final shape and halo and uber take their final position

At first the marks are visible.In some skin types the marks get pale and disappear quickly. However,in some skin types the signs are visible for a long time but this is an unpleasant Exception which cannot be predicted.Finally a good sports bra should be worn during the first postoperative month.

Bread reduction is a great opportunity to check your mammary gland meticulously.During the preoperative tests a mammogrm can show the situation accurately.After mastoplasty
Removed tissues are examined by a specialist prosector.

Breast reduction

Macromastia of young 27 year old woman.The postoperative result 20 days after the operation.