Breast enlargement

In the history of plastic surgery,there are two breast enlargement techniques.The use of silicone implants has the best results.There is a variety of implants on the market.
In recent years ,the quality of silicone implants has improved so that they are considered to be completely safe.In Greece,approximately 500 operations of this kind take place every year.

INDICATIONS: Every adult woman can have a breast enlargement as much as she wishes to the doctor will give her some advice taking into account the height and the body dimensions. The most common case of breast enlargement is in women after mastectomy, when this can happen from a medical point of view.

OPERATION:The operation takes about an hour. The scar is made in the submammary groove and is 5-6cm long so that the silicone implant gets under the muscle where it stays permanently.Some plastic surgeons prefer the axillary and peripapillary access.

Putting a silicone implant under the major thoracal muscle can be ideal for very slim women who have small breast. However ,when the submammary groove can easily be seen it is better to put the implant under the mammary gland.

RESULTS:The results are impressive .The soft postoperative pain can be treated with analgetic piils.Moreover for the next three months the plastic surgeon and the patient should
Ccoperate in order to have the best result.

Breast enlargement

A case of hypoplastic breast in a 32 year old woman. The volume of the silicone implant is 240cc.The result after removing the stitches. During the following postoperative months breast loses its conic shape and regains its natural shape.

Breast enlargement

Hypoplastic breast of a 25 year old woman. Her well formed thorax, her good quality skin ,the shape and the position of breast helped us have an amazing postoperative result.t.